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Old 07-29-2007, 12:20 PM
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Thumbs up CS-F3020 Dealer Mode enable

To access the IC-F4023T dealer set mode it must be enabled via your CS-F3020 cloning software.Open the cloning application.On the top menu highlight the text of 'Help' and click on it so that the menu branches out.It will be indicated as 'Contents F1' 'About CS-F3020'. Please keep in mind that everything must be done accurately. Now highlight the 'About CS-F3020' and click on it.A caption button will appear with the information of Registered to: User: Company: Product ID:

Please take note: I must emphasise that it is important not to click on the [OK] of this information caption.For the time being it must be left intact and visible on your computer desktop.DO NOT! click on it and leave it visible.Now type in "Reserved" on your PC or laptop keyboard.On the letter of E before D you should here a sound effect.There will be an extra information message caption on the desktop.

It will be a warning caption with the explanation of CAUTION! 'Maker Reserved' is activated now.Use the original cloning data which you read out,otherwise the transceiver will not work properly and all items must be readjusted.[ OK ] [Cancel].

This caption will be very distinct with a yellow and black warning triangle.Now it is permissible to click on the [OK] button of this warning caption.You should see ******Maker Reserved****** on the bottom right hand corner of the clone application.Give the tree menu on left hand side column a perusal and there will be a red icon under the Common program.Alongside this red icon 'Maker Reserved' is indicated.

You will comprehend why i insisted to leave the 'About CS-F3020' info message caption intact and visible on the computer screen.Because you have activated the maker reserve program it is now permitted to click on the [OK] button of your 'About CS-F3020 ' caption.The message caption will be omitted.

Click on the red icon or the text of 'Maker Reserved' alongside it to enter the program.Scroll directly to the bottom of the page in your "Maker Reserved" region.There will be text shown as 'Set Mode Access' and 'Set Mode Access Inhibit' Click on this "Inhibit" so that 'Set Mode Access Enable' is indicated.Now go back to the left hand side tree menu.

On the tree menu click the plus symbol alongside 'Common' to extend or branch it out.Totally disregard 'Key & Display' 'Set Mode' and 'Character Editor'.Click on the text of 'Common' directly under the 'Set Mode' program.In this 'Common' program there will be an indication of 'Set Mode Access Inhibit' ' Dealer Passcode' 159357.Disregard the 'PWR ON Password OFF' because it is related to the 'User Password'1234.Obviously the PWR ON Password OFF and User passcode of four digits relates to customer access and not dealer acccess.

The dealer set mode access always requires six digits to permit entry within the radio "INNER SANCTUM" .All you need to do is click on the 'Inhibit' of 'Set Mode Access' so that 'Set Mode Access Enable' is indicated.If you are new to this the next procedure is very important.To enable dealer mode access directly from the handset the re-edited info must be programmed back to the radio from your PC or laptop.

The dealer set mode has to be enabled initially in the "Maker Reserved" program.Obviously the last activation is done in your "Common" section.After clone writing the new information back to the handset your "Dealer set mode" will be fully accessible on the IC-F4023T.

If anyone has followed these instructions exactly to what is required you should have immediate success in accessing the IC-F4023T dealer mode region.
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